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Name: Regina
Gender: Girl
Species/creature: Vampire
When I was 4 I was bitten by a vampire, so now I want blood. When I got my Hogwarts letter my family was extremely surprised, since I am a vampire and I can hurt someone in hogwarts. I thought the headmistress was mad and crazy because I'm a vampire and surely, a normal person would not allow a vampire, a bloodsucking creature to join their school, right? I like drawing and my favorite food is blood, or cranberry juice. I got bullied a lot in muggle schools, but I made sure that I payed my revenge on those bullies! I also love listening to dark music, and my favorite classes in Hogwarts are Herbology and Defence against dark arts.
August 17
Favorite creatures:
Spiders, owls, wolves
Least favorite creatures:
House elves, werewolves, unicorns, centaurs, cats, dogs, Pygmy puffs, and pigs
Favorite spells: Avada Kedavra, Imperio,crucio, incendio
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