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DeVera, A pure blooded line of witches a wizards, well until my father Zachary DeVara, one of the most famous wizards fell in love with a Veela(Lucile Chauveau, Chauveau a very important line of veela's). Than had me, after I was born he realised he was no longer the pure blooded prejudiced git he once was. He became very abusive towards my mother and myself when I was just 6, calling me “You will never be a good witch you filthy half breed/half blood, probably a Hufflepuff or worse a Gryffindor.” Well I guess he wasn’t wrong, I am a Gryffindor. The sorting hat took a while to figure out if I was a RavenClaw, A Slytherin, Or a Gryffindor, it said. “Hmm Another DeVera, Slytherin like the rest I see your ambition to be the best. I see you are also an Intelligent one. Ahh! part veela, wonderful haven't meet one of those in a while, I sense your Bravery and courage. hmmm tough choice, Oh I see you don’t want anything to do with your father I guess than...GRYFFINDOR” Well as you can guess my father is Dead, was killed by aurors for murdering a defenseless muggle family. One thing you should know about me is i'm one hell of a Beater, Maybe almost as good as Fred and George Weasley in their time. I hope to become a Professional Beater On the HolyHead Harpies Team or maybe a Model, now to think of it an auror. I don’t know I’d rather focus on this time period. My Full Name is Ella Monique DeVera And I was born in Marseille France, where my veela mother lived with her family, But we moved to HolyHead Wales, a small town on the Isle of Anglesey. Hence why I am such a huge fan of the HolyHead Harpies, my role model is Gwenog Jones captain and beater of the HolyHead Harpies. I am a very stubborn girl, but I am not in any cases a “bad person” I just sometimes make the wrong decisions. I am sarcastic and funny, I love a good laugh. I am a Gryffindor Beater On the Quidditch Team, Quidditch is my life, I feel bad for the muggles that don’t know about this sport. My Wand is Rowan Wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ½ “ and Unbending flexibility, And I love it with all my heart. I love most subjects, I feel as though my talent is with Quidditch than with academics but Charms Transfiguration and Defense against the dark arts are some favorites. I'm not very good at astronomy, so if you are hit me up! .I have a beautiful spotted owl, and his name is Fredrick.I also have a American Bobtail, a rare breed of cat, and her name is Holly. Fredrick is very sweet and Holly is more of the tempered one that always wants attention.
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