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I am a ghost. If you are reading this, then congratulations. You are a Quia Omnis Creatura, or an QOC for short. They can see the special type of ghosts that I am. There is only one word for what type of ghost I am. Abissum. I am an Abissum ghost. We can only be seen and heard by QOCs. We can never be touched however, even by QOCs, and we are invisible to every other creature. Now that you know that you are a AOC yourself for reading this, I will explain some more about me.

Name: Abby

Age: 14 (Well, actually I'm 189, but I died at age 14, so as a ghost as stay this age forever)

House: Slytherin

Height: 5'11"

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Light brown

Death Story: Before I died, I was a happy and cheerful slithering girl. My proffesors loved me, and I was a good student. But, I had many friends who broke the rules and forced me to do so as well, even though I told them it was a bad idea. We went on adventures and things and it was fun, until one day in June. We had gone out into the forest that night to explore, but then ran across this little girl. She had green skin, long sharp teeth, and she was chewing on something. Something bloody. She turned around to show us her hideous face, as she was eating a muggle. My friends tried to fight her off as she attacked us, but in the end, she had pinned us all down on the muddy forest floor. She had chewed off my right hand, and was cackling insanely. She told us that one of would have to die to escape. I volunteered, as I could not let my friends die. She let them go and then killed me, eating my flesh.

So yeah. I died. Pretty morbidly, but don't feel bad. I'm just happy my friends got away. I still look as if I am 14 now (the age I died) but I am actually 189 years old. My hand is missing from my ghostly self, and I have learned to use my left hand for everything.
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