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Quick Facts:

Name: Theodore Alan Arth
Age: 15
D.O.B: 27/7/01
Blood: Muggle-born
Height: 5'8"
Appearance: Lanky, brown hair (a choppy, floppy mess more often than not), dark brown eyes, light skin.
Year: 5th year
House: Slytherin
Wand Type: 9", Hornbeam, Dragon Hearstring*
Pet: A bat named pumpkin.
Personality: Bubbly, jovial, kindred spirit, a scatter brain, goofy, cheerful and friendly.

*'It's a powerful implement that bonds with its first user. This wand takes on their first wizards/witches moral code which incidentally makes it useless in the hands of anyone else. It is the ideal wand for someone who knows themselves very well. This wand's sentience is obvious to anyone that handles it, particularly to the witch or wizard that it makes a life connection with. While this could wand be used for evil, it seems more likely that it'll be used for good.'

The long story:

27th July 2001, it had been a dismal downpour all day, but that was not the concern of Mr. & Mrs. Arth. Roughly, as they recall it now, on that day at 4:37 pm, Mrs. Arth gave birth to a perfectly ordinary and healthy baby boy. They named him Theodore after Mr. Arth's father, and that was that. Mr. & Mrs. Arth could not have been happier on that day; not even the inexplicable vanishing pen could bother them. (Mr. Arth later confessed to Mrs. Arth that he thought their doctor was a scatter brain, and shouldn't really be practising medicine if he was capable of losing his pen three times in a row.)

Truthfully, Theodore Arth did not turn out to be the ordinary little boy his parents had expected him to be. There were a few eyebrow raising incidents of his childhood that left the Arths bemused and amazed. A few of Mrs. Arth's favourite 'incidents' are as follows: the levitating ball, the infinity biscuit (she had given Theodore a chocolate biscuit, but every bite he took of it seemed to do little to decrease the small snack in size), the dancing toast and (her personal favourite) Mr. Arth's vanishing underpants.

Nevertheless, Theodore grew up to be a wonderful boy. He was a quirky kid (not just in the personality department). He had oodles of energy and a good heart.
"There's no sweeter boy anywhere!" Mrs. Arth had once remarked when gushing about him to the other mums over tea. They hadn't disagreed with her on bit. And once the 'incidents' seemed to stop, Mr Arth finally stopped worrying about if his boy was going to grow up and be a functioning member of society.

27th July 2012, Theodore's eleventh birthday. Being the rambunctious and excitable little boy he was at the time, it was unreasonable of him to assume that his parents had bought him an owl for his birthday. Honestly! The thing was sitting on the kitchen table (feathers and all) with a letter waiting for him. How could he not think this was 'the best birthday present ever'? He was, however, a little upset when the bird flew out of the window again once he had taken the letter from it.

He quickly decided though that the letter was far better than any old bird. Being eleven and very impressionable, he instantaneously believed that he was a wizard and would be attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His parents were less convinced. Fortunately for the Arths a 'witch and wizard representative' as he called himself had shown up on their front doorstep. His name was Periwinkle Floraton and he gladly explained to Mr. & Mrs. Arth about how their son was born with the gift of magic running through his veins. This explained quite a lot about the 'incidents' and Mr. Arth was both horrified and relieved at the prospect of his son learning how to control his magic, so 'incidents' (like his underpants vanishing) wouldn't happen again. As well as answering every question little Theodore had, Periwinkle Floraton also ate all of Mrs. Arth's biscuits and helped the family to purchase Theodore's school equipment and robes.

The first time Mr. & Mrs. Arth bid their son goodbye on platform 9 and 3/4, it was a tearful affair. They had bought him a going away present to wish him good luck at Hogwarts. It was a bat (a secret purchase they made at Diagon Alley). Theodore later named the bat Pumpkin because the little creature had quite the taste for the pumpkin pasties he purchases on his first trip to school as a wizard.

Being the social butterfly he was, Theodore made fast friends with everyone in his compartment. Although, he was a little slow on the uptake with some of the wizarding slang. ("Why do you guys keep mentioning Merlin? Don't tell me he was actually real!") It was unfortunate for him that all the friends he made were sorted into either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. Somehow, much to the surprise of his new friends, he was sorted into Slytherin. An 'evil' house he had been told, but Theodore honestly didn't see the problem with liking snakes and the colour green.

Later that first night when he had been getting to know some of his housemate, he learnt that being a Slytherin and a muggle-born (they also explained to him what that meant too) was highly unusual. Despite this social set back, Theodore took the controversy in his stride and was determined to prove that Slytherin 'good guys' were just as good as everyone else.

Now in his fifth year at Hogwarts, Theodore has thoroughly loved being both a Slytherin and a muggle-born. Anyone that knows him knows that he's a warm, bubbling cauldron of forgetfulness and big smiles. He's not your typical Slytherin and would never dare dream of putting those traits of his house he has to make plans of evil. Theodore is a friend to the world.
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