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Hello everyone! My Patronus is a Buzzard. I have no need for an animagus if u meet me u will find out why I am a Beater 4 the Slytherin Quidditch Team

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When I received my Hogwarts Letter that faithful day, I knew exactly what it meant. I always knew I would be sent to the greatest magic school of all the world. My father and I had a little "talk" while my mother was out with my siblings and he taught me some things all Lockharts should know but should be used only as a last resort *cough* Memory Charm *cough*. Anyway, after I got down the basics of the memory charm(I practiced with his wand I didn't have one yet), my father told me all about our family history and all the things he had "done". He said that it was important to tell me that my grandfather on my mother's side was actually a leprechaun, making me 25% leprechaun. I always knew there was something off with G-Pa(my nickname for him) but I still didn't know why it was so important. He explained to me that certain creatures had magic in them and didn't need a wand like veela, goblins, and yes LEPRECHAUNS. I was so confused but once my father explained that it would be slightly easier to perform spells without a wand or I could transfigure myself into creatures, magical and non-magical, I was shocked. My family brought me to Diagon Alley but I had been there a couple of times for clothes and broomsticks. My father snuck off for a while and brought me back Puking Pastilles from Weasley Wizard Wheezes, I was so excited and we all had a laugh when I "got sick" on my sister's shoes. Anyway, I finally got to Hogwarts and I was placed in Slytherin just like my father, my whole family was excited for me. I tried to hide my gifts thinking I would be made fun of but the second day a girl was crying in the Great Hall and she looked like she needed a puppy so I turned into one and everyone was grateful and amazed. Now my story is over well not over becauseI'm not dead but my story has caught up to my life so that's that and if you took the time to read this THANK YOU SO MUCH.
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