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My birth parents gave me the name : Berthrand.
People knows me as Bernie affectionately and Berthrand Macnair if they don’t know me.
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Sometimes what we need is a speck of challenge in the middle of the boredom
<brI <b>Don’t think just do it. Nike knows the best 

<big>Hogwarts AU</big>

■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■Abilities & Traits■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■
Published journals, paper and books :
1. Analyctical studies in Mind Magicks by Unspeakables in Azkaban
2. Necromancy : Relativity between Egyptians runes and the key to the Book of Solomon in The Great Sphinx
3. Grimoire 1-3
4. Basic spells for homeschooled wiccans and witches
5. Love, Luck and Prosperity Potions
6. The debatable theories of Yew and Elder wands : Yggdrasil, tree of life
7. The debatable theories of wands in Arthurian and Elizabethan : from Fay wandless magicks to staffs and wands
8. (Daily Prophet) Muggle magic stories authors that may be or not be a squib- Violation of Decree of Secrecy ??
((i will publish some of it to make it real on library))

House : Slytherin (H) Horned Serpent (I)

Wand(s) : 14" yew and Acromantula web, rigid and neat (M)
14" Elder and Lamia snake, brittle (Sc)
14" Cypress and Thestral tail hair, unyielding (Sp)
Homeschooled. Father and youngest sister executed by Muggle right in the head (gun). Mother, brother and (mid) sister went away and lost contact. Learn mostly by tutor until Hogwarts. Self-study and invested to Dark arts with Dark magic core. Runaway from Hogwarts because of that. Learn in Ilvermorny for standard schooling, Salem and Dumstrang for University/Mastery by scholarship, and apprenticeship by travelling mostly in deserted ancient cities in Europe (mostly Greek and Iceland ) and Asia (China and Japan). Teach in Dumstrang afterwards until one of student's parents asked for Headmaster Karkaroff to expell (me) for teaching their whiny kiddies advanced Necromancy rituals to Fourth year elective course. Unreasonable but, yeah. In the end, ended up as professor in Koldovstoretz and teaching both course, Alchemy and Potions Making.
<big>Rick Riordan’s Series AU</big>

Berthrand Marrington
Godly Parent : Apollo
Power : Sheer Strength and tactics
Bio : Will be updated later on
<big>Music Theme </big>
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