Hortensia Granger

The Blue-Blooded Granger

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  • Member of Ravenclaw
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The first visit from Lord Voldemort lead for the Order of the phoenix to go to an outburst. A muggle girl had seen Wizards- too much for her to handle on her own. She was kidnapped by Andromeda Tonks and given to the hands of a Wizarding family, also known as the Longbottoms. Not knowing that she was a muggle, she spread word of this conspiracy. She was going to be personally killed by Neville's mad mother. But he took his chance and killed his mother. Truth is, he had a rising crush on her. He could not let her die. And when she received her hogwarts letter, Sybill Trelawney knew that her prophecy of a hidden wizard rising out of the flames was true. Unlike Hermione, she's ROWDY and has a talent for quidditch and divination. Funny enough for her to learn that Hermione was her twin! They get along well and she was sorted into Ravenclaw. Later, Harry Potter didn't travel with Hermione Granger. He traveled with Hortensia. Learning a lesson, she accidentally got sorted in Ombrelune in Beaxbatons and got stuck as a first year. Later, Hermione came to the journey! She found, with Athena Weasley, her best friend, in their last year, a glittering diadem. Of Ravenclaw. Currently she works as Hermione's backup- when she feels lousy, SOMEBODY polyjuices her and becomes her just to get her out of work. She's a faithful auror who taught charms for a year with her husband Neville. Athena is her best friend and so is Parvati. And hey. I'M HORTENSIA GRANGER- NICE TO MEET YOU! Using a time turner and becoming a first year student has been DESPICABLE!
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