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Hope Montgomery • Muggleborn • Magical Beast Enthusiast

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Name: Hope Montgomery
Year: First Year
Blood: Muggleborn
Wand: Sycamore with a Dragon heartstring core and a surprisingly swishy flexibility
Patronus: Ginger Cat

I always believed something was a little off about me. The way I could make flowers grow or books come down to me from high shelves, but by the time I was 10 all the things I could do were disregarded by non believing parents. I almost stopped with my magic thinking I was just making it up in my head and knowing that I should grow up like the other kids in my elementary school. Luckily for me my letter came just in time to save me from completely forgetting about anything special I could do.
A dusty envelope with green writing on the front was placed on the top of the pile just under the mail slot. It said my name and 'smallest bedroom on the second floor'. My parents were very disbelieving of the contents of the letter and believed it too be a simple prank from the rowdy teenagers on the street, that was until an actual wizard in bizzar robes showed up and levitated my cat. Just like that we were all believers and making our way to digonally to get my school supplies.
I'm now at hogwarts and even though i miss my home I'm ready to except my new reality.

i have my own club made (or group) its called the Slytherin Muggleborn club, join if you are those things i'm looking for more friends :-)
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