Roxenna M. Kavanagh


Roxenna "Xena" Agnees Kavanagh, Pureblood, Future Healer at St. Mungo's Hospital

  • Joined January 2017
  • Member of Ravenclaw
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  • 1st Year
  • Indonesia


Roxenna "Xena" Muriel Kavanagh

Appearance :
Brown wavy medium length hair, dolly asian face, round eyes, small nose, small lips. fine build body from her constant routine of sport. quite tall for her age.

Personality :
When you first met her, Xena is quite a shy girl. can't approach people first. awkward with people mostly boys. sometimes people mistook her shyness with arrogant. have a rest bitch face since born. people mistook her for being angry when perhaps she just zoned out at that time. After you be friend with her, you'll welcomed by her warm heart. she loved to smile and doing something stupid. she's a little bit temperamental and emotional. her friend know her for being 'the silly one'. she rarely cry/mad for something big like when a friend of her purposely kill her cat, but can cry a river just because a sad or touching scene from a movie. She is an introvert but also an open book. you can't approach her if you push her too hard, but if you gave her space, she will open up herself to you. Her greatness but also her flaw is loyalty. she could do anything to people/things that harm or threaten her dearest (friends and family). she's excellent in things she love but really ignorant for things she hate.

Background Story :
Xena was once a normal girl, who lived at her grandparent's home in Seoul, South Korea with her twin sister Poppy. her parent's live in Manhattan, New York with her older brother. she didn't know that her whole family is a wizard since they tried hardest to do muggle life. for 10 year she live not once she ever attend school. her grandparent's forbid the twins. later discover because sometimes they unconsciously do magic. hide their memories was much easier than erase whole school memories. A month before her 11th birthday, her parent's come to visit the twins in Seoul. this is an unusual things for the twins, since their parents usually visit exact a week before their birthday every year. Just then their parent's explain how Kavanagh was a family which came from a descendant of two founder of Hogwarts, Gryffindor and Slytherin, that make Kavanagh as one of the greatest and strongest wizard family ever. and how the Kavannagh expand over the whole world make their family's influence quite large around the world. Just then her mother said that both of the twins gonna be separated into two safer school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy and Winchester School of Mystery and Magic. Xena felt both excited and sad. excited because she finally know how it feel to attend school, sad because she didn't experience this things with her beloved twin sister. ever more since they've never been separated since birth. a week later her father send Xena to Hogwarts and her mother send her sister to Winchester.

Father : Augustus B. Kavanagh
Mother : Linda Choi-Kavanagh (Choi Hwa)
Brother : Nicholas Ryan Kavanagh
Twin Sister : Penelope Grace Kavanagh
Pet : White Persian Cat named Momo

- Dancing in the rain
- Playing music and sing randomly
- Read fantasy book
- Spicy food

- Wake up early
- Bad dress code

- The smell of grass after rain
- Faint smell of rose

Xena was kidnapped by bad guy who want to take a huge amount of money from her grandparents. she was leave alone in an empty building for 1 week with just enough food supply and no protection. The room was so dark that it so hard for her to recognize things. every time she awake she always felt a presence but every time she asked no one answered and all she get is a hit and haunted false memory. She just 6 when thats happened. When police found her she almost lost her mind because of that.
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