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I am a proud Hufflepuff, and I love everyone who's with me. I sometimes have my doubts about being in it, but then I remember how fast the sorting hat put me in it, and I decide it probably wasn't a mistake. I love charms, but I hate transfiguration.I also don't like potions. I'm a muggleborn, but that doesn't make me any different than the rest of you. Unfortunately, some people think it does. My greatest strength would have to be my determination. If I want something, I get it. No matter what the circumstances. My greatest weakness is my insecurities, and talking about my friends and family badly. When I finish school, I plan on becoming a professor. So then I technically won't finish school till I retire, which could be a while. That's ok. Teaching has always been my dream. I feel that the coolest part of magic is that it isn't logic. I always used to be the kind of person that needed to understand HOW it worked. So, as you can imagine, at first magic drove me crazy. But little by little, it got better, and now I find it fascinating. Honestly, my dream is to be a speaker that goes to schools and other public places teaching people life lessons that school seems to leave out. Like how important it is to love yourself. How breaks are ok. How everybody cries sometimes. That kind of thing. I have a pet owl named Snowflake, who is very obedient, but wants what she wants. I never got to meet my parents, as they put me up for adoption the second I was born. I was never adopted. And I still am not. But that's ok. I've learned how to live independently anyway.

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