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Hufflepuff is the house for those who treasure friendship above bravery, intelligence and ambition. That's why I'm a proud Puff.

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Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird
Wand: 10 3/4", cedar wood, unicorn hair core, unbending flexibility
Patronus: Field mouse
Hybrid Hogwarts House: Slytherpuff
Element: Air
Quote of choice: "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn out the light" or "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take"
What do I look like? Short brown hair, relatively tall, teenager-like, I guess
What do I like? Tennis, drama, music, musical theatre, singing, HiH, HP, Nowhere Boys, reading, you people... THE LIST GOES ON!
What do you HATE? Annoying people, cancer (and other diseases), bullies, war, terrorism andddd swearing
Music genre: Jazzzzzzzy snazzy
Book genre: Realistic
Friends: Gigs, Samsam, Millie, Arielle, Sienna... YOU! ❤
Fave HP character: Snape or Umbridge or Ronald
Hair: Brown and short (bob)
Eyes: Blueeeeeeeeeee
Fave Animal: Armadillo or Badger or Wombat
Books I am reading at the moment: Turtles All The Way Down
Which Disney princess are you?: Pocahontas
Fave actor/actress: Eddie Redmayne
Fave colour: Orange (bright not bleugh)
Fave food: Chocolate is we're talking sweet and pasta/gnocchi/pizzaz if not
Fave school subject (muggle): English and Humanities
Fave school subject (Hogwarts): Herbology or History of Magic
Pet peeves: People squishing bugs, swearing, people making jokes about things that shouldn't be joked about
Siblings: Lil sis
Job aspiration in the wizarding world: Head Healer at St Mungo's or Minister for Magic
Favourite people: YOU!
Groups on HiH: Kitchen Club (all time favourite!), LGBTQIA+ HiH Community, Poetry Club

Welcome to the Badger-verse! Definitely not quite an infinite universe with laws of physics and nature and such... but who needs that when you have a wall of positive posts!? ;)

I was thrilled to receive a letter from Hogwarts that fateful day. I had waited 11 years for this, being a huge follower of the wizarding world! I travelled from my home in Australia to the other side of the world, Scotland. On that day I arrived, I looked up at the castle that was to be my home and I felt amazing inside. Carrying my new wand, I followed my friend Luna Granger to the boats and we sailed across that magical lake.
On arrival in the Great Hall, my heart was thumping madly inside me. The Sorting Hat awaited. As I was called, I sat there, trembling.
OOOOOOK, all I did was enrol on HiH. I do all my courses from home, as living on the other side of the world from school may be a problem, also, I juggle my muggle school studies with my Hogwarts studies, and I could easily tell you which one is more interesting...
I chose to be a Hufflepuff, not just because we're AWESOME, not just because I got it on all the house quizzes I've done, but because it's where I belong. I belong at Hogwarts, along with all the other Puffs who belong here. Everyone here belongs, no house is "bad" and we are all here for a reason. We all have a purpose at Hogwarts, we're MAGIC /fic!!!!!
Being in Hufflepuff, I can tell you, it is not the worst house like many people say. It's not for "the rest." It's the house for friendship, loyalty. It has values of a beautiful house, and the Hufflepuff common room is up there with my favourite places in the WORLD, sitting by the burning fire and warming my hands with my friends. I have friends in other houses, and I accept that as we are all different and even Slytherins are awesome.
To be a Hufflepuff is to be a friend.

1. You can all call me Badg. Or Badger. Or Badger Hufflefuff. Please note the 5 f's in my name! HuffleFuff! Much appreciated, pals :)
2. NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY, you are WORTH IT. You DESERVE to be HERE. YOU ARE AWESOMESAUCE. You have TALENTS and you have people who care A LOT about you. You may not know it, but it's 100% true. I'M NOT KIDDING! I'M NOT JUST TRYING TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER! Because I know you can feel out of reach and plain ol' NOTHING, but you are somebody's sunshine. We luv you here ❤
3. Feel free to pop over and talk to me about whatever you want/need. I get so excited to get posts on my wall! So please do if you feel the urge :)
- Spam (I mean I don't really care at all for you if you do. It's just so stupid.)
- Say things you don't mean. (Why? Make sure you think before you send.)
- Make people feel terrible. (You broomhead. These are real people.)
- Swear. (Especially at people. I understand swearing coz some people just do it, so I guess it's ok but I'm not a fan.)
- Make jokes about things that shouldn't be joked about. (I mean, you /FICIN BROOMHEAD FULL OF SOUP! That is my BIGGGGGEEEEESSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTT peeve. It's not even a pet peeve it's so big. Be assured, you will be reported because people on this website DO have disabilities, DO have diseases. So don't make assumption ok!? Alright I'm too fired up now I should go.......)

*Please be aware that I won't give out IRL details on this site beyond the ones on this backstory.*

See you around! Feel free to post on my wall for a chat or follow me. I'm so glad you took the time to read this, I mean, it's been growing for a while now! You're all such awesomesauce people and enjoy your studies here at Hogwarts!
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