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I am a Ravenclaw, I read a lot. I am very wise for my age. I soak up knowlege like a sponge. I was placed right away I guess the hat could just tell I'm a nerd. I am taking all of the first year classes. I want to learn as much as possible. I am nervous about the class work, I am good at participating but on paper my thoughts get jumbled. I am a muggle born. Both of my parents are normal muggles, my mum is a bus driver for a muggle school and my father works at a printing company. I have to make a name for myself. I feel the need to outshine my parents. After all, I am more knowledgeable. I was a afraid when He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was around, but I felt safe around powerful wizards. My greatest strength is that I am always willing to help people, i have a big heart. To some this may be considered a weakness. My greatest weakness is that I put too much trust in people and end up getting hurt. I would like to work in the library at Hogwarts. I love the idea of providing the tools to learning and adventure. The most fascinating aspect of magic is that it is endless, the postions, the spells, everything is awesome. I want to use magic to help others, I love creatures, people, muggles even. I would like to be happy and learn everything there is to learn. I have a dog named Milo. He is nervous with new people, he will lick you and growl at the same time but he has never bit anyone. I have a pet piglet his name is Harley Qinn. She is a little destructive. ;) My family is very dramatic, everyone has a made up crisis. I like to scrapbook, color, write letters to pen pals, read, and in my spare time garden with magical plants.
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