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For a little while I wasn't sure if I would escape. They called me half-breed, squib, even mud-blood. I had no friends during my childhood years, a father who died when I was nine, and a mother who wasn't a mother at all. As a child I had no control over my powers and being raised by a pure blood family who had some of the greatest accomplishments for their houses, I was looked down upon. Especially, since I am the only half blood in my family. But, once I took my first step into Hogwarts my life changed. I became the girl no one, not even myself, thought I could become. Everyone came to knew my name quickly, cause I am the girl who surprises people. My main surprise was the girl of whom I chose to be my best friend. A nice blond girl from gryffindor (I am a slytherin). Though some slytherins were dissapointed, most didn't care or at least acted like it, because I know they are slightly afraid. People aren't only surprised by my friend choice, no, they're also surprised by the weird and obscure hexes and jinxes I know. But, people also need me because I get them things. Im the best one to come to when someone has to get into the restricted area of the library. They also know I am one of the only girls who isn't afraid to fight back.
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