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In a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king, and honey... you should see me in a crown.

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Lilith Moriarty was born to James Moriarty and Aylin Grace on May 21st. James left Aylin after Lilith was conceived but six months later, upon learning that Aylin was pregnant, he returned. He was there when Lilith was born and Aylin disappeared mysteriously two nights later. Lilith was brought up by a near army of tutors in her father's mansion in London.

James (Jim) Moriarty was the so-called 'Napoleon of Crime". He was a criminal genius, and he owned London. Ever major crime family and ever major intelligence service in the world feared him. Occasionally, Lilith's father would take her out to his 'work'. He taught everything she needed to know about surviving as a criminal in Britain, and he even brought in people to teach her basic skills. She was particularly adept at picking locks, pick-pocketing, and moving around unnoticed.

When Lilith turned ten, her father finally let her go to a real school. She went to William E. Gladstone Primary School, where she didn't really fit in; she couldn't tell them what her father did, or how her mother had died, or where she lived, or her real last name, or why there was always a bodyguard in their classroom now that she was there... so nobody really wanted to be her friend. However, the daughter of an incarcerated hitman, Thea Laughten, seemed to like her. They immediately clicked when Thea joined school a month late, and became best friends.

When Lilith got her Hogwarts letter, she was worried about how her father react. However after confirming that it wasn't another MI6 baited trap, she was allowed to go. She was ecstatic about going to a magic school, but sad to leave her only friend. And however reluctant she was to admit it, she would also miss her father, even though she hated him.


Lilith with the sorting hat on her head for nearly twenty minutes as she and the sorting hat talked. The sorting hat said she was a dead ringer for both Slytherin and Ravenclaw; it had never seen someone with such an even aptitude. However, eventually it reasoned that Ravenclaw was a better fit; it never told her this, but it was worried about what she would do if she was sent to Slytherin. It knew that that was where she would thrive, but it wasn't sure it wanted her too; considering her past, her family history, and the thoughts running through her head, the had decided it didn't want her in a house full of people set on achieving their ambitions. Lilith managed to make friends much faster at Hogwarts, and she did well in all of her classes.

The summer before her fifth year, her father decided it was time she really started to help out with the 'family business'. However, he assumed that she was too weak for what had to be done. So he contacted Thea and invited her over; at first, Lilith was pleased, albeit confused. However, her father's decision was not of benign origin. No, he gave her a gun and told her that she could either shoot Thea, or he would shoot her. Lilith cried for the first time in four years that night, for she had been taught that crying was a weakness. However, there was a reason that the sorting hat nearly put her in Slytherin; her sense of self-preservation was one of her biggest characteristics. So she survived that night, and Thea did not.

Lilith has not cried since then.

Gender: Female (she/her pronouns)
Sexuality: Lesbian
Best Subject(s): Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts
Worst Subject(s): Astronomy
Special Skills: Parseltongue, Lock-picking, Pick-pocketing
Magic: Dark
Age: Usually 16, depends on role-play though
Rp type: Story mode (i.e., 'Lilith sighed. "I hate History of Magic," she grumbled loudly.' NOT '*Lilith sighed* I hate History of Magic.')
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