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"We are just puppets, our strings being pulled by unknown forces" Scott Cawthon. I'm a huge FNaF + MonsterCat fan. I support the Sweetwater All-stars.

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Pureblood, in both magical form and Texan. My whole family revolved around the town of Sweetwater until Voldemort's rise to power again. It's not well known, but he sent a fair amount of American Death-Eaters to do my family in, because most of them were talented Aurors. Add the fact that our names and faces were on No-Maj 'wanted' posters all over town, (Unlike England, American 'Muggles' act harshly towards our kind and strive to drive us out) we realised it was time to finally pack our bags.

Unfortunately, we weren't quick enough.

My father was caught by the Imperius curse and the Cruciatus curse at the same time, causing a horrifying effect. My father was skilled enough at fighting off the Imperius curse, but if he didn't do what he was told then he would feel pain that blew the Cruciatus curse right out of the water. He was driven crazy by it. We moved to England, having heard rumours about how good St. Mungo's is. My father is lying in a coma even now, still awaiting awakening. He may stay in the coma until his death day, we have no idea.

Before he was driven crazy, my father taught me how to become a skilled Legilimens. My mother has taught me to become an Animagus, being one herself. I'm happy enough, but I prefer to be left alone, unless confronted by a really close friend or fellow Texan. It is my ambition to, unlike the rest of my family, become a transfiguration teacher, or a magizoologist.

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