Rose Black

Student // Girl Of Mystery

"Beauty isn't about having a pretty face, It's about having a pretty heart, A pretty mind, And a pretty soul"

  • Joined January 2017
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 7 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Australia


Rose had bright red lips that were beautifully shaped. She had deep, sea blue eyes with the biggest lashes you had ever seen. She had a pretty smile. She had pierced ears, but didn't usually wear earrings. She wore trending clothes and had a cute laugh. She loved reading and writing and all the boys secretly had a crush on her. She was passionate about photography and enjoyed others comfort

Wand type and info:
Her wand is made from Hornbeam, with a core of Dragon Heartstring. It's a powerful implement that bonds to its first user, taking on their moral code as well as being useless in the hands of anyone else. This is a wand for someone who knows themselves very well.

Its sentience is obvious to anyone that handles it, particularly the witch or wizard that it makes a life connection with. While this could be used for evil, it seems more likely to be used for good.

She is slightly shy but not too much. She values others, but not those who betray. She is the organised type that doesn't like confusion and mess. She can be protective but in a logical way. She is highly intelligent and sees mainly from the left side of the brain. She is funny and very curious about the way the world works and why we are all here.

Boggart and info: A crashed plane. Her biggest fear is flying. She hates being off the ground, and it’s SO HIGH UP. She never get in planes if she can, and when she does, she's worrying the whole damn time. Don’t forget your spell - Riddikulus!

Age: 13-16

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