Joe Powell

Student & Chaser/Captain

I'm a pureblood Griffyndor and a Direwolf animagus. I love and care for my brother & sister. Quidditch and dueling is my life! Go Ballycastle Bats!

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I was born into a family of Purebloods and a long line of Slytherins, until I was put into Griffyndor. The sorting hat claimed he put me here for my bravery and courage, distinguishing me from the rest of my family, but that's all it did, distance me from my family. I wasn't even considered a hatstall, It was as if the hat knew before i sat down. My favourite classes are Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions and Care for magical creatures. Teachers say my love for potions came from my father, who also excelled at potions. So good in fact, it landed him in Azkaban. My father was a horrid man and I won't miss him. He was caught experimenting with the Dark Arts after my First Year and it turned out my family had been doing it for generations, only he got caught, leaving me and my sister, who was 8 at the time, alone with all his wealth. My prat of a brother was the closest thing I had for a father figure, that was until the managed to get into a spot of trouble with the ministry, forming a "Brotherhood", with another group of witches and wizards, meaning he is currently on the run. My least favourite classes are Divination and Herbology. Mainly because I'm terrible at them. One of my greatest strengths would be my skills at Duelling and my skills on the Quidditch Pitch. I fancy myself quite the flier. Seeing as I am captain and Chaser of the Griffyndor Quidditch team. But my greatest weakness is my temper. Living in a family of pureblood slytherins who loathe any other form of blood other than pureblood, it sparks a certain anger inside. Meaning at times I can fly off the handle. My dream since I was a kid is to play for the Quidditch national team and the Ballycastle Bats. Madam Hooch has told me that if I keep at it, it may not seem as far fetched than I thought. The most fascinating aspect of magic is the ability to transfer your feeling and emotions into reality, using your wand as an extension of your body, almost like letting your emotions flow through your body and out the end of your wand. That can be beautiful, but also dangerous. I would love to use my magic for good but I also believe that you must be careful of whom you put your trust in. I have an Eagle Owl and his name is Xerxes. He is a proud bird, but loving too, he always loves a good scratch behind his head. While my father rots in Azkaban, my mother nowhere to be found, disappearing after my little sister was born, and my brother going off and fighting a "war" that he created, I feel a certain need to be a better carer to my sister than any of them ever were. We took my fathers money and spent it on a magnificent treehouse/mansion in the countryside, near a little magical village where they have their own little Quidditch league amongst certain areas. We live here with my Aunt Mildred, a previous Hufflepuff and live happily here, although I am stressing about N.E.W.T.'s. my sister is starting her third year and I'm starting my sixth. P.S. Oh and I may have spent a little of my fathers money on a Nimbus 2001, but it never hurt anyone right?

Patronus: Direwolf
Animagus: Direwolf
Hogwarts House: Griffyndor
Ilvermory House: Thunderbird
Wand: Laurel wood with a Phoenix feather core, 12 1/2 inches and slightly yielding flexibility
Pets: Eagle Owl
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