Síla Ó Canannáin

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When people think of Síla Eolith Ó Canannáin, they think of one quote: “To die would be an awfully large adventure.” J.M. Barrie. Of course, alluding to the young woman’s odd outlook on life. An Irishwoman fascinated with the history, Síla studied History of Magic, Ancient Studies, and Ancient Runes rigorously during her time at Hogwarts. Despite her incredible intellectual prowess, Síla did not achieve high marks in all classes, as she found many boring and uninteresting, preferring instead to focus on her passions.

Almost immediately after her graduation, though, Síla disappeared, no one hearing a word from her. When she showed up at Hogwarts six years later, a little paler than before and shivering cold, the 23-year-old was quickly ushered in, not leaving until several months later. Students report only brief glimmers of her during that time, though none are confirmed. Little did they know, Síla would show up again eight months, this time as the new Ancient Studies professor.

A little odd and recluse, Síla usually wears a perplexed expression on her face, as if working out some complex problem in her head as she walks through Hogwarts’ halls, often heard murmuring to herself. About what, no one knows.

If you were to ask her about her standing concerning muggles and witches, she would stare at you for a second, then move her lips slightly, as if she were talking, blink a few times, and then stare again, as if thinking. Whether or not she would actually deliver an answer would be an uncertainty.

This character is a part of Dorian Moreau's Magical Worlds Beyond Hogwarts Group.

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