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Definitely the most enthusiastic person you'll ever meet. And as much as try, my wit isn't the snappiest.

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To describe how I felt when the sorting hat was placed on my head would be almost impossible: as a muggleborn, and first of my parents four children to receive their acceptance letter, I knew little of Hogwarts, hardly anything of the houses, and was petrified if I would be sorted at all. Being the first out of my year to go up for sorting was unbearable - what if I sat on the stool the wrong way? What if the hat didn't fit my head properly? However, when I heard the word "Ravenclaw!" shouted above my head, something shook me. The initial panic disappeared as I looked over to the table full of my now fellow housemates - something about that blue felt calming, and almost regal, and I was instantly made to feel at home by our head boy who smiled and winked at me as I hurried over, my face completely flushed. I won't lie, he was very handsome, and so knowledgeable. It was when I was sitting down and watching the rest of the sorting that I finally had time to take it all in; the magnificence of the Great Hall, the different traits favoured by each house - the very next day I rushed straight to the library and pulled out 'Hogwarts, A History' - I was keen to learn everything I possibly could about the castle.
My top classes were definitely Charms, Potions, and Defence Against the Dark Arts. To me, they were subjects which really were typically "magical", so to speak, and I'm sure the excitement and the feeling "oh my gosh, I'm actually here studying this" (which never wore off, even up until my final year) are what drove me to be top of my class (or, the top three at least). I was so sad about having to drop History of Magic and Care of Magical Creatures after my O.W.L.s - they were subjects I found simply fascinating, and I could relax and enjoy myself. Transfiguration was hardest for me to get to grips with - there were many tears when I managed to achieve an Exceeds Expectations in my N.E.W.T.s - I honestly though I'd barely scrape an acceptable. The thing with transfiguration is the focus, and my mind often wonders around. To be an Animagus is something I'd like to achieve one day, I'm sure it comes in very handy.
Despite the stress of exams, and the quite challenging duties as Head Girl, I finished my time at Hogwarts knowing I would absolutely return there to teach one day if I could. To teach DADA would be wonderful. I spent the next two years travelling around the world, competing in various amateur quidditch tournaments (I was seeker for my house in my 4th, 5th, and 6th years - we managed to bag the house cup in my 6th!), got to see the Quidditch World Cup, and visited as many different magical communities as I could while writing guest articles on them for The Quibbler. The communities in Eastern Europe were my favourite to visit - those people can drink!
Finally I decided it was time to focus on finding a job, and after a few months of working at the Three Broomsticks I decided to finally get around to following my dream of becoming on Auror. And that's where I'm at now, in my third month of Auror training. It's challenging, but exhilarating, and I can't wait to get out into the field!

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