Aaron Pocock

Unknowing Servant of Melkor

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Just some white kid that one day got accepted to a school of GOD D@$! WIZARDS! Most of my life I blamed the odd happenings at home on ghosts and mysterious circumstances, since I was born to a widow No-Maj mother. When I was 6, my mother and I moved to Britain, just outside of East Jaywick. In case you don't know, it's one of the worst places to live poverty and crime wise. Heaven compared to where we were before, or so we thought. Mom got hooked on amphetamine soon after. A month after she o.d.'d and kicked the bucket. I started hustling people with my friends to make ends meet. Pick pocketing, shell tricks, quick-talk (which I was much too good at), I did it all. Since then, I've had trouble giving up my charlatanistic behavior. Then I got caught and sent to juvenile hall. When I started getting hazed by the other boys, I lost control of something. I was tangible, and then *POOF*. Invisible. Escaping was pretty easy after that. I lived in a box for a week because my house was being watched. Just when I thought all was lost, the letter came. Not the letter you're thinking of. There was a letter with 3,000 dollars cash inside that read "Be prepared to repay the debt. -Melkor" I have no clue who Melkor is, but I certainly do owe him my life. Two weeks later I got my letter of admission to Hogwarts. Since then, despite my background, I've kept a cheery attitude about life at Hogwarts, knowing that there are things far worse than failing a test.
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