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Just so you know my picture is me. Not Hermione Granger.

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Well, I guess it was pretty surprising realizing I was a witch. I remember my mom and dad took me down to Diagon Alley so I could get my Scarlet Owl named Red and my spellbooks. I plan to try out for seeker on the Qudditch team. Hmm...Well, I guess I am one of the main pranksters at Hogwarts. Also, I love magical creatures SO much. I've gotten in trouble ALOT for bringing animals home. I own a pet Hippogriff, a dragon, many Dragon Furos and much more! My favorite magical creature is probably a Dragon. I have quite a big family. I hope for a good year and wish you all the best of luck!
Name- Hailee

Nickname- Hailee, Hailz, Paw, Claws

Birthday- March 13th

Do You Have a Crush On Anyone?- Braeden Salme of my muggle school. Not many people in my muggle school are magical so nobody will see this.

Does Anyone Have a Crush On You?- Not that I know of. If the questioner would only let me see the results!

Patronus- Wolf

Animagus- Also Wolf

Wand- 13 inches dark Hollywood with a dragon heartstring core slightly flexible from Olivander's

Status- RavenGryffinPuff

Blood Status- Muggleborn

Other Traits- Smart, funny, shy, brave, athlete, animal lover and slightly crazy

Magic Trait- Animagmus

Non-Magical Pets(IRL)- 3 cats named Thor, Gizmo and Mr. Whiskers


Opnions From HP Characters-

Questioner: What are your thoughts on Hailee?

Harry: Oh--uh-- wow! Brave, kind and smart! She's amazing! And quite beautiful.
Ron: She's hot and sweet and funny and cute and nice and smart and-- Wait I was getting of track. I wish she liked me...
Hermione: She's nice to be around. I think I've found someone as smart as me!
Neville: She's awesome; we're friends and all. I like her.
Fred: Looks like we scored ourselves the next Championship Prankster!
George: More like Hottest Prankster, Fred!
Ginny: She's amazing! A true friend, and Gryffindor.
Luna: She reads the Quibbler sometimes, and asks me about Nargles. She's nice.
Cedric: She's alright, I suppose. I hear good things from people. She is beautiful.
Cho: I don't know the girl very well but, she seems nice.
Michael: Yeah, whatever. Don't know her by personality but by those sweet looks.
Draco: Urgh! Filthy little Mudblood! I mean I love the looks but, I don't see what anyone else sees in her...
Pansy: I couldn't care less about some Gryffindor like her. Ugh! Taking all the boys!
Blaise: I agree with Pansy (Though she is hot).
Sirius: Dang, I wish she was my daughter.
Lupin: A nice girl, and she always had something nice to say in lessons when I taught her.
Dumbledore: I daresay we have a Miss Fred and George Weasley on our hands! Poor Argus will have his hands full of her pranks... *chuckles*
McGonogall: She may be a little cheeky and headstrong, but is a terrific pupil.
Snape: She does listen in Potions. But I'm still not surprised Malfoy doesn't like her personality.
Hagrid: 'Arry's right to like 'er. She makes a good Gryffindor - p'raps she migh' even help bring down You-Know-Who!
Voldemort: Just what I need. Another minion of Harry Potter. Hmm.. *thinks* Death Eaters, make a note to try and transfer Hailee to my army!
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