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My name is Elowyn. I was born in Limerick, Ireland. Being a pureblood, it came as no surprise to me when an owl showed up at my house with my letter, inviting me to the amazing school that is Hogwarts. I knew it was coming, and not a moment too soon, for I had been dreaming of this day my entire life. I studied relentlessly, memorizing every book I could get my hands on. Many evenings, I would just sit in my room and practice wand movements with a stick or a wooden spoon. When the day finally came to buy my school supplies, Mum and Papa made sure I had only the very best. Being an only child, my parents seized every opportunity they could to spoil me to bits and I wasn't about to stop them. Papa even paid a lot of money and pulled a lot of strings just to get me my very own time turner so I could take all the classes I wanted!

As predicted, life at Hogwarts was amazing. I aced all of my courses. Well... except for charms... And History of Magic... and Potions... Okay so maybe this was a bit harder than I thought... You would think, being a pureblood, I would have the advantage. Apparently it's not that simple. But I still, by some miracle, managed to keep my grades at a decent level, just enough to get me by each year until finally, I now find myself in seventh year. My last year at Hogwarts and, most likely, my most challenging yet. But I won't give up. I'm going to power through it just as I have been for the past six years. What's honestly the worst that could happen? ...Right?

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