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Hey, add me as a friend! I've been a HP nerd since age 6. I saw the first movie and decided I had to read all the books! I'm 22 now and still in love!

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Although the sorting hat had Hufflepuff in mind, it ended up placing me in Gryffindor. It took me years to realize this was because I have the natural nature of a Hufflepuff, but Gryffindor has always been my true potential (much like Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom).
I have a lot of Ravenclaw in me as well, as I've always been a perfectionist, (I'm also a virgo, so I can't really help it) and my single witch mother has always told me I was a sponge for knowledge. I enjoyed every class, (care of magical creatures, potions, herbology, and defense against the dark arts were just some of my favourites) but thank Merlin, quidditch wasn't a manditory requirement. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game... as long as I'm in the stands and not on the pitch.
Since I loved school so much, I always imagined I'd teach at Hogwarts or Ilvermorny one day... that was, until 6th year, when I volunteered to be Dumbledore's student assistant (I've gained so much knowledge from that man) and imprinted with his magnificent healing powered pheonix, Fawkes (I've always been able to effortlessly bond with animals). I realized then, that I had to learn about every magical creature that had been discovered- and find those yet to be! In learning about these creatures, I've uncovered dozens of magical components within their venom, saliva, shedded feathers and scales, and as gross as is sounds, urine and feces. These components, when combined with the proper elements, are able to produce a whole new set of potions and tonics from healing to defensive magic!
My father is a muggle who writes "fictional" novels about witches, wizards, and other magical characters. He and my magical mother split up when I was 9. At that time, he moved to New Zealand to study hobbits and elves. My younger magical sisters and I stay with him every summer.
I met my auror fiance, Gunnar during my first year as a Hogwarts graduate while in Norway studying dragons. I was learning to ride a ridgeback when, startled by a far off lightning bolt, she took a 180 and I fell to my death- or so I thought! As fate had it, Gunnar was out riding his Romanian Longhorn that night and luckily, caught me right before I went splat. It was love at first sight, for us, and our dragons!
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