Isla Callaghan


Don't call her Isla. Don't talk to her unless asked to. Mention Hufflepuff and meet her fist. Sassy, impolite, hopefully a little fun too.

  • Joined December 2016
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 121 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Czech Republic


☂ Middle name: Leah
☂ Blood Status: Half-blood
☂ House: Slytherin
☂ Wand: Aspen wood, Kelpie hair, 16,5"
☂ Favourite Spell: Silencio
☂ Patronus: white-faced capuchin (a species of monkey)
☂ Boggart: herself as a bride
☂ Amortenia: coffee, forest after rain, TBA
☂ Mother: Slytherin * Pure-blood * 40 * M. o. M. worker (secretary of the Head of the Magical Sports Department)
☂ father: Ravenclaw * Half-blood * 42 * mediwizard at St. Mungo's
☂ younger brother: 7 * an annoying waste of space and most probably a squib too
☂ elder sister: Ravenclaw * 17 * great student and the "perfect" daughter
☂ Hobbies: jogging, Quidditch, duelling, gossipping and her beautiful self, ofc. ;)
☂ Fave clothes: skirts, tops heels (it irritates her that she has to wear SLYTHERIN UNIFORM all the time)
☂ Looks: long, straight, dark blond hair; brown-green eyes; sporty figure; longer nails; freckles
☂ Pets: family owl Augustus (after the first Roman Emperor), frog Voltaire (after the philosopher), Pygmy Puff John Lennon
☂ Personality: Won't say, gotta get to know her... ;)
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