Aurelie Deschenes

Seventh Year Student

Fairy lights, studying and food.

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My name is Aurelie Deschenes, and I was sorted into Ravenclaw in the year of 2009. The sorting hat chose to sort me into Ravenclaw because of my passion for learning. I am always wanting to know more.

I am a pure-blood, descending from the Prewett and Delacour families. My mother is Marie Deschenes nee Prewett. Her parents are Lucy and Fabian Prewett. My father is Arnold Deschenes, his parents being Alessandra Deschenes nee Delacour and Jules Deschenes. I was born in France, and moved to London at the age of 8.

My favourite classes are Astronomy, Arithmancy and Charms, though I try my best with all of my subjects. If I had to choose a least favourite subject, it would probably be Flying, even though I only took it in first year. Because of my fear of heights, I've resorted to only watching Quidditch games.

My older brother, Alexandre Deschenes, was born in 1994, just as the Second Wizarding War began. My parents struggled to gain a living for my brother and themselves during this time, as my father worked (and still does to this day) as an officer in the Ministry of Magic, namely the Department of Improper Use of Magic. My mother is a healer at St. Mungos, and probably gained plenty of experience in those few years.

I was born just after the war ended, the 9th of November, 1998. As a young child, I can remember seeing burnt-down buildings everywhere being repaired, families coming together once again in the streets and people helping each other out. When I was a small baby, my parents helped mend Hogwarts again, so I had to stay with my Grandpa and Grandma for a little while, Alessandra and Jules.

My greatest strength is my intelligence and determination. On the contrary, my greatest weakness is my perfectionism.

I graduate this year, which I am deeply excited about. After I graduate, I plan on studying both Wandlore and advanced Charms. I am still stuck on what career I am going to go after, but I have my options open.

When I was younger, I used to walk to Diagon Alley and buy mounds of books from Florish and Blotts. This only intensified when I received my Hogwarts letter, as I then bought textbook upon textbook, trying to make sure I knew everything I could so that I didn't fail my classes.

After I finish all of my education and gain a proper, paying job, I want to marry a man who's just right for me and have three or four children. I have a cat named Athena. She vocalises quite a bit, but she makes up for it by being obedient and not randomly walking off into rooms in the castle.
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