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" I apologize for being a annoying brat.....Snape...."

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Name : Clara Aslan
Birthday : 22nd June 1979
Eyes: hazel
Hair: brown
Skin: natural tanned
Nationality : Khaligi british
Languages : Arabic,English
Blood Status : Muggle-born
Relationship status: Single
House : Hufflepuff
Wand: Phoenix feather core 12 1/2
Patronus : Dog
Boggart: losing her family,Snape, and her friends,loneliness.
Likes : History,potions,dark magic,Draco,fantastic beasts,singing,doodling,Victorian novels,food,diagon alley,going to detentions to spend more time with Snape,cats.
Dislikes: Snape ordering her around like a child,umbridge,boats.
Ahmed Aslan (father-deceased)
Salma Aslan (Mother - deceased)
Lena Aslan (Sister - deceased)
Zaid Aslan ( brother -deceased)
Farah Aslan (sister - deceased)
On a dark midnight in July,when Clara was 11,she had a nightmare of a man in back with an old lady came to her house and took her and the dream switch to a bald noseless man kinging a boy with a shape of lighting on his gothic then a weird looking castle started to collapse .
She woke up screaming ,which made her little sister wake up too. The moment she woke up ,book,furniture evening started to float .
Lena couldn't stop herself from getting up and run to tell her parents what's happening to her sister.
They did not believed her,when they came it they saw a big mess and thought it was the cat.
Anyways,after a while ,the family were having a nice gathering in the living room till a funny letter slid in through the door .
The little sister went to picked it up ,and said it's for Clara.
They did not believed what they're reading,their daughter is a witch .
Everyone we're confused ,except for Lena she was excited to have witch sister.
The father , Ahmed grabbed the letter and ripped it into pieces thinking that it's a prank from their neighbors .
However,days after days the same letters they're receiving which made Ahmed go mad and called the police .
It's been a while since any letter arrived and they thought that the neighbors stopped prancing after the warning.
They ignored any letter came from hogwarts.
In the beginning of August.
They moved to their new house in a country side /Britain .
The family wealthy thought, they own a villa in Abu Dhabi and Ahmed is a businessman.
One evening they were having their Ramadan dinner feast as a happy family,
Till they heard a knocking door.
The little girl went to open it and saw the same two people who were in Clara's dream.
The man in black,and the old lady.
She run inside yelling that there're two funny looking people outside asking for Clara.
Ahmed went to check and wondered at the same time what have his daughter done more in school,after McGonagall told him about her abilities.
He let them in ,while Clara is standing frozen ,from what she've heared from Lena ,scared that the dream is coming true,her happy peaceful life is going to end soon.
McGonagall spoke to the parents and explained everything,adding that Salma mentioned about when Clara fired up a tree in the street and and made her teacher's hat float during the class.
As for Snape,he was standing coldly in front of Clara till she came back to normal.yet she's still confused.
Snape had explained for her that she's a witch,and if she read the letter carefully.
The girl wasn't happy to hear about what she've become.
After the long explaining and chatting it's been confirmed that Clara now is officially a hogwarts student and they will take her immediately because she was late to reply and pick her requirements.
It's all had been planned,from Dumbledore.
On their way to snape's apartment, while Clara was asleep McGonagall begged Snape to take care of the little girl and reminded him that her cause is dangerous ,only him can break it even if it'll take five years to create the spell.He spent and worked hard every day trying to create it,he never slept properly.
It's been a while now since Clara is living with Snape , before she attended her first year in hogwarts she 'be studied hard and Snape taught her a lot of stuff about the school ,and her courses.
To add more ,they never stop fighting,or argueing.
Clara never felt comfortable to live with Snape even for a temporary time.
She doesn't know that he's the unknown identity of the half blood wizard in the legend who's going to cure her .
In a famous dark arts books ,it said :
"A muggle girl will going to be sorted into Hufflepuff .On her birth,she had a mysterious hole in her heart ,muggle doctors are still trying to find the reason of it,and it's hard for them to heal it since the DNA of a wizards and muggles are different .But,nobody yet knows the reason of that hole not how that she'll be in Hufflepuff while she's not sorted yet. However,the dark port is going to curse her with a very dangourse dark magic.that curse will lead young witch or witches to suicide ,to break the spell they have to be close to a half blood wizard who's clever at creating spells."
Everyone in the wizarding world knows about it.
During the sorting Hermione everyone were surprise when they called her name,it would'be been confirmed if she's really the girl who was mentioned in history if the sorting hat sorted in the hufflepuff.
Everyone stayed in silence to hear the answer.
However,the sorting hat mentioned that she have good abilities with dark arts and magic which was the reason he was about to sort her into Slytherin before the hat could finish his words ,everyone were confused even Snape.
And Dumbledore thought it's a mistake ,this girl CANT be a Slytherin.
Soon,the sorting hat finished his speech and sorted her into hufflepuff .
She looked worried ,but soon as she joined he stable and everyone greeted her kindly she felt a little bit better.
In her second year,she've mer Harry,Draco and the others when they were in year1.
She was the first girl who had a fight with draco,while they were in the train but soon after their grew up it ended up that she have a crush on him.
Her best friends are the Parvati sisters ,Cho Chung,hermoine granger,Luna lovegood,Neville Longbottom and lavender brown.
her best mates are Susan Bones,Draco malfoy ,Harry Potter, Ron Wesley and Cedric Diggory.
Her strongest friendship is to cho chug,they were friends since they met in diagon alley while picking up their school requirements.
They were sad that they're in separated house yet still happy that they're close friends .
Clara lost her family due to a accident during her 6th year while she was still at school,but she never knew until a week later.
She had never been so depressed like this in her life.
Her friends tried to comfort her ,she tried to keep on smiling but still in pain,adding of what she was suffering with.
And so,
Her adventures continues with the others and Snape ,the possibility of saving Clara is 6%,the curse is hard to heal it.
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