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Magic is real. MAGIC IS REAL?! Okay, first monsters and creepy scientists, girls who can flip vans with their mind sand now Magic! I'm so totally stoked!

Parents: Karen Wheeler (Mother) & Ted Wheeler (Father)
Sisters: Nancy Wheeler (Older), Holly Wheeler (Younger)
Occupation: Middle school student


Mike is part of the Wheeler family, living in Hawkins with his mother Karen, his father Ted, and his two sisters Nancy and Holly. Nancy suspected their parents never truly loved one another, and that they married solely to have a "perfect nuclear family". He has been best friends with Lucas Sinclair and Will Byers from a young age. In grade four, Dustin Henderson arrived at their school and joined their friend group. They would often gather at Mike's house to play Dungeons & Dragons. The four boys have a great relationship with their science teacher Mr. Clarke, and they are members in the AV Club he ran. They take part in the annual science fair, winning almost every year.

On the evening of November 6th, Lucas, Dustin, Mike, and Will played Dungeons & Dragons in Mike's basement. Mike, acting as Dungeon Master, summoned a Demogorgon, which ultimately defeated Will's character. While they looked for missing die, Mike's mother insisted it was time for his friends to leave; shortly after this, Dustin, Lucas, and Will cycled home. The next day, Will did not show up to school, which perplexed Mike, Lucas and Dustin. As they played with Mr Clarke's newly delivered Heathkit, they were summoned by Principal Coleman to talk with Chief Hopper, who confirmed to the boys that Will was missing. He asked the boys about Will's way home the previous night, and they told him Will had took the road where Cornwallis and Kerley met. The boys casually referred to this road and the surrounding forestry as Mirkwood.

The boys investigated their friend's disappearance that evening, searching through Mirkwood where they accidentally encountered the escaped Eleven. After some argument amongst themselves, the boys allowed her to stay in Mike's basement, making a pillow fort for her to sleep in. Mike skipped school the next day to accommodate El. She recognized Will from a photograph and suggested to Mike that bad people were looking for her. After school, Dustin and Lucas came to Mike's house, discussing Eleven and what could have happened to Will. Lucas said that they should tell Mike's mother about Eleven, but El used her telekinesis to prevent him from opening the door to leave. Later that evening, El attempted to explain Will's situation; she flipped their Dungeons & Dragons board upside down, on top of which she placed Will's player piece and then the Demogorgon piece. This gave Mike, Lucas, and Dustin a vital clue as they continued to theorize about what happened to Will.

((Bunch of stuff happens that will be in a Book eventually))

Mike talked to El about their future life together. He invited El to be his date to the "Snow Ball" school dance. El accepted, and they shared a kiss. As part of an "agreement" with Dr. Brenner to gain passage through the Gate, Hopper revealed El and the boys' location to laboratory officials. Agents broke into the school, capturing El and the boys. Eleven killed most of the agents, using biokinesis to make them bleed to death, however, this "drained" her of energy and strength, causing her to collapse. Without her protection they were recaptured; but the Monster, attracted by pools of blood spilling from dead bodies, burst through the school wall via a temporary portal. The surviving agents were understandably distracted, releasing El and the boys, and they ran in panic to Mr Clarke's classroom. The Monster broke in, almost killing them. El intervened, using biokinesis to pin the Monster against a wall, while also immobilizing Mike to prevent his intervention. El looked back at her friends, telling Mike goodbye before turning to face the Monster. She used her last remaining power to disintegrate the Monster, making herself also disappear in the process. Mike was left in tears as the boys frantically looked for her in the classroom.

The entire time Mike had no idea there was more to the story, that the Government Agents were really Wizards and El was a Witch. That there was real Magic and so much more out there in the world. Until a man named Percival Graves showed up at the School. He gave Mike a small test to see if he had any magical blood, which proved positive. It appeared as part of a much larger plan to conceal their Dark Magic, the Followers of Grindlewald and Voldemort had somehow cast a sort of shield around the entire town, preventing anyone there from being recognized as magical or not. Thus kids would never receive letters to Illvermorny. And MA.C.U.S.A would never have reason to visit. Graves had met Eleven and knowing full well how much she cared for the boy had come to reunite them.

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