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There was no question what house I'd be sorted into. I think that was made clear as soon as I received my letter. I was a Ravenclaw at heart and in mind. However, I wasn't the classic no it all Ravenclaws that you see constantly correcting what you know and what you think. Now I wasn't quiet either. I was loud and bubbly but I held a greater knowledge within me, or at least thats what people told me. My mother always said that I would be a Ravenclaw, she was a Slytherin when she went to school. My dad was a muggle though so his knowledge of the topic was limited but he tried to pick up what my mother told me and add on at points. My father was a wonderful man, no doubt that he was any less amazing despite his absence of magic. He was kind and warm, always smiling and laughing. My mother was less so, she was more bold where he was quiet while she got bored easily he was content with consistency. I loved them both equally and while they seemed like opposites they loved each other even so. I always loved learning even before I found my magic. I was fascinated by muggle history at a very young age. My parents both agreed that I had to have an education in both worlds so I spent my first 11 years of life bouncing from preschool to preschool where I learned about addition and cursive. Both of which proved to be extremely beneficial in the end. Entering Hogwarts I found both transfiguration and defense against the dark arts to be the most interesting. I struggled with potions but there really wasn't one class that I hated or even disliked. Unlike other witches and wizards my age I decided at a young age that after I graduated from Hogwarts I wanted to attend a muggle school as well. Somewhere in America where I could start and finish a new journey in 4 years. Then figuring I would define my self in the magical field of my choosing with the proper muggle and magical world experiences.

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