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House(s): Ravenclaw (and Pukwudgie)
Patronus: Occamy
Wand: Vine wood, Dragon heartstring core, 12 1/2" and Slightly Yielding flexibility

Blood Status: Pure Blood
Marital Status: Single
Boggart: Bloods
Known as: Ace, Sky or Skyler
Signature Spell: Fienfyre, Aguamenti, Stupefy
Animagus: Raven
Pet: Snowy Owl, named Kion

Member of the Order of The Pheonix and Dumbledore's Army. A skilled Auror and Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. First Class-Order of Merlin. Once a Head Boy and Prefect. A Quidditch captain and a seeker.

[Magic Abbilities and Skills:]
Magic mastery and highly skilled duel master. Can cast without the use of wand and non-verbal magic. Talented on using Fire and Water spells such as: Fiendfyre and Aguamenti. Master of Apparition. Talented on using potions and charms. Great with offensive and defensive spells. Intelligent and genuis. Skilled with transfiguration and broomstick flyer. A legilimens and occlumens.
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