Sarphias Vembulon

Pureblood Student, Animagus

"Some people say it's strange, some say it makes no sense. To, yes, befriend a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and unlikely as it is... a Gryffindor."

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Sarphias Vembulon, friends with a Ravenclaw? With a Hufflepuff? Sarphias Vembulon, friends with a... Gryffindor?

A Pureblood, I am, though I still find it still absolute nonsense that my parents never said so. Not until my letter, did I know I was, in fact, a witch. Sent to Hogwarts, befriending three other students. All different houses. Some say I can't befriend a Gryffindor. Why not? Does History really matter all that much? All it does is create rumors.
My best classes are Potions, and Charms. To be honest, Charms is my favorite. I have one pet, a small Barn Owl, her name is Sandstorm. My wand has a core of Phoenix Feather, and Rosewood. It's 13 inches long, and stiff. I am staying at Hogwarts for my first year of Christmas as a witch as well, so you know.
I spend my time in the Room of Requirements, practicing certain Charms, and studying. My Animagus is a Fox, and just so you know, it was worth it.
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