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Tamer of Dementors

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Besides having a Hawthorn wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12 ½" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility wand, that has healing and death abilities and with the dragon heartstrings makes it an extremely powerful wand, I can also summon and control dementors at my will. This gives me a major advantage in battle as I will always have an army of powerful creatures beside me. Also, when the opponent must do the expecto patronum spell, that is when I strike with my most powerful death causing move, AVADA KEDAVRA

I am a pure blood and was extremely misunderstood from an early age since my father left my mother to become a death eater and they later fought to the death which ultimately led to both of their demises. Ever since then, I knew I was a wizard and that was at the age of 5. I was then kindly adopted by Nevel Longbottom, yet I never chose to change my last name because I always knew that this was the only and last memory I had of my parents. I one day spoke to Nevel and told him that I have a magic gene within me and he told me he couldn't train me until I got my own wand. However, he reluctantly took me to Hogwarts so I could choose out a wand. While there, I couldn't choose a wand because none wanted to choose me. Therefore, we left after a long day searching and decided to go back home at midnight. So we wouldn't get back too late, we decided to take a shortcut through a forest however, we got lost and eventually got stopped by dementors. At first glance, i could sense their feelings and soon was able to control them without the use of a wand. Nevel was scared and we later returned back home. One day, I saw a dementor outside and it told me that it was my time to enroll in Hogwarts. By this time, I already had a wand and had gained many allies, many being dementors. I found my wand through an anomaly as I began to hear voices and when i started listening to the voices, I noticed they were telling me coordinates. I followed these coordinates which eventually led me to a cave. As i walked inside the cave, the ground collapsed and i fell into a chasm. The voices returned and began telling me directions, so I followed these directions. When the voices stopped, I was in front of a dragon guarding a wand. I tried to outsmart the dragon by throwing a rock in a different direction and it worked. I got the wand and then I saw how injured the dragon was. The voice returned and told me to say "Vulnera Sanentur" which healed the dragon as he helped me in escaping the cave. The voice told me it was the dragon speaking to him and that he got stuck in his animagus form so I decided to help him return to his human form which ended up taking several months, but he decided to help train me as a wizard together with Nevel until it was time for me to go to Hogwarts
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