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I am a first year Ravenclaw.
American house equiviant is Horned Serpant.

I am an Obscurous...i grew up serpressing my magick to the point it nearly destroyed me. I grew up on the streets in America...I eventually found a magical family...they just so happened to find out from a young witch bout my age whosaid that they kinda took notice and were curious because most obscurous die young. They eneded hooking me up with Hogwarts the best school ever! ^.^ i say I am a Muggle-born even though I believe my mother was an Obscurous as well.
I being an obcurous find it hard to do an Animal patrons because of that...if I did I feel like it would change from cat to wolf depending on my mood. Wolf is rare...mostly when I'm extremely angry. My eyes have been know to turn dark Red when again rare but extremely angry. In and out of my Animagus form...which is yes cat and wolf...so I guess I am also a Morpho or whatever they are called...I do not understand either ability to be honest but it happens. Haha yes I'm a street cat. But yes I can change my fur too! ^.^ Mostly Rainbow for some reason? I mean like...well I am LGBT...but my favorite is Purple or Purple and Black...how can I control it? I want the purple or Purple/Black. I can only partually change on will...like paws, ears, and tail. I can change in like a bliss like mood if I am that happy for some reason and it like awww a rainbow Neko?
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