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Hi :) I'm Anamika Diana. I play violin, guitar and piano, dance, sing... And I love animals!

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I didn’t know what it meant, when I received my Hogwarts Letter At first, I thought it was just a joke, you know? My brother sometimes played pranks on me, or blamed me when some weird stuff happened around the house.
One week after reading the letter I received a new one and I burned it. One day came to our house a man with another letter. He told me that witches and wizards are real and sometimes is a witch born in Muggle-family. My parents, my brothers and sister didn't believe him. Neither me. So he took me to a shop.Ollivanders'. There I believed it's real.

Going to school for others like me was like a fairytale. I though it's just a dream. The school seemed to be really big. And when I came in it was even bigger.

I was assigned to Hufflepuff. At the time I didn't really know what does it mean but I was proud. And I still am.
Now I'm older and I study almost everything.

I love charms and DaDA, because it's something that I didn't know for my entire life. I'm still interested in Muggle schools, so my parents send me books and papers about psychology, geography, history, maths, literature and German.

I love music. I play violin, guitar and piano. I dance and sing, run and swim, read and write, draw and paint.

I was almost expelled once. In my letter was that I can have an owl, a rat, a cat, or a toad. I love cats. But who said I could take just one? Okay... It was a misunderstanding so in the end I wasn't expelled but three of my cats and my two rats had to be send to my parents.

I fell in love with magical creatures, after this incident
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