Rin Williams


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Rin Williams was originally like your normal Muggle. She had normal parents, and just a normal life in general. However, when she got her letter that faithful day, she discovered that her father was a Muggle, and her mother was a witch. Her mother explained what she felt her daughter needed to know and together, they went to get her supplies for Hogwarts. Not going to lie, Rin was a little upset, as she'd basically have to leave her Muggle friends behind, but she was also very excited for her first year at Hogwart!

Despite having quite a few friends, Rin was...much of an introvert. She loved to talk to people, yes, but it took a while for her to open up to others. Before she does that, she seems like your average, quiet girl who focuses more on her work than friends. However, once she opens up, she's rather energetic and seems to almost never want to shut up.

Full name: Rin Phillip Williams
House: Hufflepuff
Blood status: Half-Blood
Year: First Year
Pet: AJ (A rat)
Patronus: Minx
Wand: English oak wood with dragon heartstring core. 13'' and slightly springy flexibility.
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