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Been a huge Harry Potter fan since I was little, Love The Emo Trinity, and Superwholock is life!

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I was super excited when I got my letter! Surprisingly enough, there's no wizarding school in Canada, so it came as a huge shock I was being invited over seas. I guess I could have gone to Ilvermorny, but I've heard Hogwarts is the best. I'm not sure where my wizarding genes come from, because I was adopted when I was very little, but as I far as I can tell I'm what they call "pureblood". The day I left was quite sad, as I had to leave behind many friends without being able to provide a proper explanation, but I do hope they write. Flying all the way across seas was slightly terrifying, especially since I had to go without my family, but I met some distant relatives at the airport. Shopping in diagon alley was amazing, so many different things to buy, my favourite being my wand, spruce wood with a unicorn hair core, 10 ¾" and unyielding flexibility according to the shop keeper,, all though I did enjoy my new pet, a black cat named Felix. I enjoy the required robes, considering they're mainly black, a favourite colour of mine, and I'm glad I brought something to listen to music with. While wizarding bands are... interesting, I don't know what I would do without Fob, P!atd, and Mcr. So far, it's been wonderful here! The first few days, an older student showed us an important spell, expecto-patronum, which brings out something called a patronus? Mines a Tortoiseshell Cat, and it's so cute! I'm excited to continue learning!
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