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(Note: Below are optional for rp's XD You may use your rewards in missions for such things if you indeed want to)

Name: Rose Granger

Looks: Rose looks a lot like Hermione, with her wavy brown hair with a small streak of red. She has brown eyes. No matter what she has her ruby necklace on, which was given to her by her mom. When not wearing her uniform, she will have one of the following outfits options on (all posted on account)-
Rose's Everyday Look
Rose's Summer Look
Rose's Swimsuit
Rose's Formal Wear
Rose's Athletic Wear
Rose's Sleepwear
Rose's Date Night Outfit
Rose's Wedding Outfit

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor with a hint of Hufflepuff

Patronus: Nebelung Cat

Wand: Laurel wood with an unicorn hair core, 10 3/4" And quite bendy flexibility

Ilvermorny House: Wampus

Titles: Guardian of Lies, Truths and Emotions. Ice & Earth Elemental

Elemental Powers: Ice/Water(main) and Earth

Weapons: Rose doesn't really use a weapon.

Fear/Weakness: spiders, darkness and being alone.

Past: That's right, I am the daughter of Ron and Hermione! I don't really have much of a backstory, most of it belongs with my parents. After they escaped He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named, they went on and got married. A couple years after that, I was born! Time skip to 19 years after my parents left Hogwarts, it was my turn! I remember getting on the train scared of what would happen next! I am now in my 6th or 7th year and I am head of my class! I always enjoy hanging out with all my friends! I couldn't imagine my life without them! I am still looking for that one true love though XD. Anyway that's about it!

Wish/Desire: Finding her one true love and getting all Os in her Owls.

Dream: is to live a long successful healthy life with her husband and two kids

Dear Rose Granger,

We are delighted to appoint you as the next Guardian of Lies, Truth and Emotions. Below, are your responsibilities, desired weapon (if you have any) and your list of missions would be sent soon.

All the acceptance and welcome,
Desire & Reality

~Don't use your high position nature.
~Do not abuse your power
~You may use your power to do. Or evil as long as you take on your missions seriously.

⭐Since, you are the "Guardian of Lies, Truth and Emotions"
You can detect Lies.

⭐Since you are also the Ruler of Emotions.
You can read, change, and understand people's emotions.

⭐Since you are the "Guardian of Lies, Truth and Emotions"
You can force out the Truth.

❇Dearest Rose,

You will soon be given the "List of Mission" and the "Earth and Ice Elements" Book. Hope you can back again in "The RP Shop" thank you! Here is your change of galleons!
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