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I'm a total nerd, so geek out with me why don't you? ------ Well I like bands, and mostly the good ones. I'm an aspiring author, & Kind of a weirdo.

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I was born in a faraway place, with strange people. I only had my sister for comfort, and even she was a bit distant and cold. Things seemed really bad for a while, moving from place to place. Hardly enough money to scrape by, go to school. Blend in, don't let them suspect a thing. They'll never know you aren't human.....Or so I was led to believe.

When I was 13 years old, people came to take me away. I defended myself....and wound up hurting people in the process. I didn't mean to, I just wanted to them to leave my family alone.

After the accident I couldn't go back home, I had to leave. My sister would understand....Right?


I spent four years on the run, jumping from city to city. Never staying too long. I couldn't. People would get hurt. I can't control what kind of monster I was. That's what kept me away. Away from the only family I had left.

I hoped she wouldn't track me down, and perhaps it was good to hope for that in my moment of weakness.

One dark and (totally cliche) stormy night I was lying in a barn, on top of a "soft" bed of straw when an owl came and threw something at my head.

Needless to say I was peeved off, I yelled at the darn bird, and it looked over its feathery shoulder and I swear to you IT LAUGHED AT ME.

I did however look at the object thrown towards my head, it was a letter.

Apparently someone had been looking out for me, aka they had been "watching" me.

Quite creepy if you ask me, but it got me a nice place at Hogwarts.

People were hard to adjust to at first, till I realized I could relate to almost all of them. They all had their own "backstories", their own inner demons. I was one in a million.....surrounded by wizards.

My sister is still out there though, I can't imagine how disappointed she must be in me though.

Eventually she will find me.

When that happens hopefully I'll be ready.

Till then, I'm here. In a Ravenclaw dorm, with a cat named Connect who seems bloody smarter than half of the people I know. Including me!

Seriously! The animals here are strange creatures.

But anyways, that's my story up until this point.

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