Piety Barebone


Friend and stepsister to Credence, you better watch out, or before you'll know it, you'll have two Obscurials on your trail. Auror at M.A.C.U.S.A.

  • Joined December 2016
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  • Australia


Although Piety was born a pureblood, her family all too suddenly disappeared one day, leaving her an orphan. She was taken in and adopted by Mary Lou Barebone, and became good friends with her stepbrother, Credence.

Neither knew of one another's magic, and both presumed each other to be no-majs. This changed, when Credence released his rage as an Obscurus.

Against her wishes, Piety left Credence, unable to cope with his supposed death. Over time, she simply used the money she had left to travel to England, where she had a few friends that too were wizards and witches.

At this time, things became rough for the wizarding community, as the no-majs began plotting against them, and after an accident in public was left unresolved, Piety's friends were killed for being witches and wizards.

Piety just barely managed to escape by pushing her power away, making her an Obscurial in the process. After years of experimentation, she managed to contain the Obscurus, but never told anyone else of her condition for fear it wasn't completely gone.

She worked hard in Hogwarts, and eventually achieved her dream job as an Auror, however she chose to return to America to join MACUSA rather than the MM.

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