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My name is Eleanora Blake, but you can call me Ellie. I am a student at Hogwarts, but I want to become a Magical Zoologist! I was born in America as a pureblood, but decided to come to Hogwarts for a few years! I have always had a passion for animals, both magical and mundane. My favorite classes at Hogwarts are Transfiguration, Potions, and of course, Care of Magical Creatures. I was sorted into Slytherin and think its the best house, although I have friends in all the other houses as well! When I become a zoologist I want to help raise magical creatures. My favorite creatures are hippogriffs and dragons, although I cannot help but love thestrals and unicorns as well! I am a little introverted so I have a hard time making friends and sometimes seem a little standoffish because of my American stereotype, but I promise that if you start talking to me I'll be your friend! I am always open to giving advice and am also a very good listener! You can always come to me for any kind of help and I'll always be there!

My wand is a 12 1/2 inch Redwood with a Dragon heartstring. Its my lucky wand and I always have it within arm's reach. My patronus is a Runespoor! I know that it is commonly seen as a dark magic creature, but I think Runespoors are amazing reptiles and I hope to see one one day.

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