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It was no surprise that I was sorted into Ravenclaw - my whole family was there. But as the youngest of four children, there is always a lot of pressure on me, because everyone expects me to be as good as my older brothers and compares me to them.
My favorite class must be Defence Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic or Care of Magical Creatures, but I absolutely hate Divination and Potions class (there are also my weakest subjects).
I am a pureblood and my family is rather proud of it, but they are not being snobby and are friendly and accepting muggleborns and half-bloods; my oldest brother even married a muggleborn and it was no problem at all.
My friends tell me that I am a very loyal and caring person and never brag about my intelligence, but that I also often underestimate myself. My greatest weakness is that I have problems trusting other people and that I often overthink stuff and then freak out.
With me being in year 1, I still have time looking for something I could do after school. But I really would like working as a teacher at Ilvermorny or Hogwarts. If that doesn't work out, I'd like to work for the Ministry of Magic as an Auror.
What fascinates me most about magic is probably the way it can change our surroundings and our lives and that we can use magic to help people.
I have a greyish-brown cat called Bubbles because he quite likes bubble baths.
My family is very supportive of everything I do, but they have high expectations for me and want me to do well in school. I have three older brothers that already graduated from Hogwarts and that I see from time to time. They were all prefects and did extremely well in every subject. We grew up in Manchester and I am a big fan of muggle football, but also of Quidditch.
In my free time, I listen to music, read or paint because I feel like Hogwarts doesn’t offer classes where you can be creative, but I still love it here!

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