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My name is Amerzia Marvolo Gaunt. By my last name you must have guess my bloodline. I am related to tom Marvolo riddle but I don't want it to reflect my image. I am interested in Dark Arts but I love animals too and I don't think my mother would like me to follow my uncle 's steps. My wand is same as Salazaar Slytherin' s. It is 5'11 and contains basilisk tooth (though I thought wants only have aerial animals essence until Ollivander told me so). I produced a patronus at the age of 12. My mother was quite proud of me but it was just a white wisp. She says that only those wizards are able to produce patronuses who are pure at heart. Maybe I am different from my ancestors. I also think it is right if muggles live with us. I also want a muggle friend because I want to know how they live. I am in slytherin but I don't like to live in the dungeons. I am fond of Ravenclaws. My mother was in Ravenclaws. I am not fond of quidditch but love to read in the library. My favourite courses are dada,potions, charms, astronome and astronome. I enjoy history too.
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