Nathaniel Crixus


Wand: 12 1/2" Black Walnut, Dragon heartstring core, Unyielding flexibility./ Patronus: Brown Hare/ Taken by Ella Goldstein

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Ilvermorny house: Thunderbird
Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

I'm Nathaniel Crixus Neal, or Nate Crixus for short. I'm not one for introductions so I'll keep this short. I was born in Texas and attended a public school (muggle school). I was sent to Ilvermorny a few years later. Now, I knew I had magic blood, but I didn't know I could perform magic. Both my parents were muggles so I didn't think too highly of my abilities. I was known as a squib to many people for my lack of magic capabilities but I didn't care. Fast forward, and my father received a job offer in Manchester, England, and I was sent to Hogwarts. I always yearned for long lasting friends, and an adventurous childhood, like Harry Potter, but that was far from reality. The first few years of Hogwarts were filled with people calling me mudblood, mistake, and fake. Later, my magic improved. I learned to cast spells by hand, something my cousin taught me. and now I'm here. I am not the chosen one, nothing special, just a guy from Texas.

"You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain"

-Harvey Dent
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