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My mother was the only family I knew when dad left. Once dad had left my mother told me he was never coming back. However, she said that it was a good thing. She told me he did bad things for a dark lord in a kingdom far away. Obviously that was before I knew I was a wizard. My mother was a muggle and my father, Sirius, was a wizard. Anyway as you all know Voldemort didn't like the idea of wizards 'mating' with muggles. So on my 10th birthday he came to my home at 12am and killed my mother whilst my dad was in Azkaban prison. I was given the offer to stay with my dad's stepson but I refused because I felt it would be awkward considering I didn't know him. I was taken to an orphange where the employees were informed everything but were of course told to keep it a secret from the other kids. I wasn't hated by them- well not all of them. Sometimes when I was mad or upset things would happen. For example an object would float or things would disappear, Most of the kids enjoyed it when it happened. Probably the reason a load of kids liked to piss me off. Tbh I think I was put in slytherin because of my dad but even if I wasn't my dad's daughter I think I would still be in slytherin because of my temper and my nerve to just punch someone in the face every now and again.

But yeah that's me. The name's Ariana Black
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