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Basic Info: *

Name - Clémence Angelina Weasley
Parents - Angelina and George Weasley
Birthplace - Exeter, England
Birth Date - March 22, 2000
Residence - London, England
Era - HP and Newt Generation
Blood Status - Pure-Blood
House - Gryffindor
Favorite Class - Potions
Patronus - Thestral
Familiar : Phoebe [Barn-Owl] ; Wheez [Pigmy Puff]
Wand Length - 11 ½"
Wand Wood - Chestnut wood
Wand Core - Dragon heartstring

*I create a story with my friends who we were daughters of Harry Potter's character (like Neville, Dean, Seamus or, for me, George but not of the golden trio). Clémence is me and I am her. She's just me as a wizard (: I kept George as my dad because... why not? Who doesn't want to be a Weasley?
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