Raven Nyxx

Wand for hire

Don't give me nicknames, don't bring up my past, and don't get me angry unless you want three dozen curses flying at your face.

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I grew up in a muggle orphanage, and after many years of abuse and torment I received my letter at the age fourteen. After a few years of tutoring with all my professors I graduated early. My blood purity is unknown although I've heard rumors of me being a direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin. I sell favors for a living, if you need a dirty deed done, some classified information, or someone who heard too much snuffed out I'll get it done for enough galleons or other valuables. Don't try to report me to the ministry for a dirty deed I did for you, they're my most frequent clients and will make sure a certain type of "accident" befalls you.

Dark brown hair, grey eyes, light tan skin, fades scars all over her body

Wand: dragon heartstring, yew, 8", rigid. Particularly good with curses.
Businesses: Magizoologist Haven: Exotic Creatures: Licensing, Adoption, and rehabilitation
Pet: albino phoenix named Reyna, green and black common kingsnake named Nigini, and a black kitten named Nox
Nickname(s): Nightshade, Ray
BLOOD PURITY: unknown. (Suspected to be the heir of slytherin by the ministry.)
CRIMINAL HISTORY: Multiple counts of: grave desecration, assisting murder, murder, identity fraud, smuggling goods, using unregistered spells.
PARDONS: seventeen.
SUSPECTED FOR: possession of illegal substances, being unregistered animagus, and use of the unforgivable curses
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