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My name is Tharu. I'm a Hogwarts student in Ravenclaw and is close to ending her fourth year and moving onto her fifth year. I'm a muggle born and have had a childhood friend who was a witch. Before I knew I was a witch, I had long known about the existence of magic and I had always admired magic and had wished for so long that I could be part of such a wonderous world. I was fortunate to have that wish granted when I was 11 when an owl crashed through the window and landed on the dinner table with my Hogwarts acceptance letter. Being extremely interested in magic, I was always eager to learn and found most of my classes incredibly fun (maybe except Divination). My favourite class is probably Charms but I also love Arithmancy, Care Of Magical Creatures and Potions. I also do Muggle Music as an extracurricular activity and I absolutely love it. I'm known as the "Know-It-All" and the "Smart One" in class as I'm always the top for all my subjects except Diviniation which I am third in the class for (though frankly I never understood the point of Diviniation, it's not very logical at all).

I'm not incredibly popular and I don't try to be. Being part of the "popular clique" has never appealed to me, for dismissing studies and getting boyfriends like the "popular clique" do are not things I value. Instead I have a few very close friends who I cherish. Overall, besides being a witch, my life isn't very interesting.

I also own a cat who's name is Katara (named after one of my favourite muggle TV shows Avatar The Last Airbender) and back at home with my muggle family I have two dogs named Luna and Momo. I love reading, music, watching animated muggle TV shows and am inside a fangirl. I also have a tumblr account (a muggle social networking website which is awesome!) @clockwxrkbooks. When I graduate Hogwarts I aspire to be a Healer, an author and a human rights activist (for both muggles and wizards).

I'll leave this introduction of me to be a brief before I get carried away and write an entire book. :)

Don't let the muggles get you down
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