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I do not have much to say except for, You are a beautiful witch or wizard in your own way. I hope to be your friend and a close one at that. *Smiles*

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Chelle Longbottom is the off spring of Neville Longbottom and his betrothed, Luna Lovegood. Now its highly non canonical as she is a custom character, as well as I always saw Luna and Neville best together. She is a Hufflepuff as she has more Hufflepuff like traits compared to Gryffindor. Out of those traits, She excels in Fair Play for she always knows the best next move, She is also Loyal and Hardworking for her parents educated her on magic long before Hogwarts. Whether she is Pureblood or Half Blood I'm unsure as her mothers blood line wasn't exact. She is a bit of a mirror of her creator, as I am a Hufflepuff.

Her wand is a 10 and three quarters inch, Made of Rowan-wood and a core of Unicorn Hair. Its flexibility is slightly springy.
She had a Barn Owl as a child named Mouse, How ever in her enrollment into Hogwarts she bought a beautiful Male Snowy Owls named Nippy. Nippy is a bit Nippy obviously.
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