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Hi, my name is Marie Beth. I love Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. They are practically my life. I enjoy fanfictions, and just fiction/fantasy in general. I love owls (hence my name), and obviously love to write and read. I am a Hufflepuff, and a Horned Serpent. I am a HORNED HUFFLEPUFF!!!!! My patronus is an owl. No joke here people. An owl. Since Pottermore just released its Patronus Quiz today, I took it and got an owl. You know what else? Go check for yourself. Owls are a rare patronus. Peace!

If you follow me, I follow back.

I am a Muggleborn, and I am proud to be one. You cannot put me down for it. I went to Ilvermorny in America for two years. I excelled in every one of my classes there.

At age 12, in the middle of the school year, I was very perplexed to get a Hogwarts letter of acceptation that summer. It was specially personalized to my situation as currently going to Ilvermorny. It asked if I would like to change and go to Hogwarts. They would arrange for transportation to and from Hogwarts every break(that is if I wanted to go home for the break). Headmistress Oshiro asked me if I wanted to transition over to Hogwarts, to get much more advanced education on magics. I was stunned.

The next day I asked around to my teachers and my friends if I should go or not. I even Owled my parents on the matter. My friends were very sad that I might leave, but wanted the best for me. They told me to go. My teachers and my parents were the same way. I promised my parents and friends that I would Owl them every week, and left later that summer at 13 years old on August 20th 2016 in a flying car sent by the Ministry.

The next ten days I spent in the Leaky Cauldron, exploring Diagon Alley. I bought a lot with the money that I got(I traded my money from America that I earned by baby-sitting at Gringotts for lots and lots of galleons and stuff). On September 1st I went to school as a First Year at Hogwarts. Not quite used to the teaching style, teachers, or material, I am struggling a bit with the work, but I am striving to do better.


The girl you just called fat? -She is overdosing on diet pills
The girl you just called ugly? -She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her
The boy you just tripped? -He is abused enough at home
See that man with the ugly scars? -He fought for his country
That guy you just made fun of for crying? -His mother is dying

You think you know them but you don't. Re-post if you are against bullying and if you care.


You know that girl you called fat- well, she became anorexic. The boy you once called a wimp because he was crying, his mother just died. That kid you cyber bullied, you wondered why they were never seen on social media again- that's because they are dead. The girl you called a freak because she was different- yeah, HER, she began self harm because she believed you. That guy with low grades who you taunted for being so stupid- he had ADHD and dyslexia. That girl who you insulted- she was diagnosed with severe depression. The boy who you shoved in his own locker- he started to skip school just to get away from YOU.

But that kid who you , he found out YOU were the coward.

99% of you wouldn't even bother to read this, but to the 1% who do, please repost and put this in your bio.
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