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i will work very hard and to get hundreds in my classes i knew the trio for over 10 years i have evil twin jimmy i am dating hermione granger(:

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I decided to become a Wizard when I realized that being an Auror was too dangerous and being a Policewizard would be too dull. I would have become an Auror regardless, I'm a funny guy i have been a Wizard for 12 years of my life I learned how to be a wizard for 12 years my life new Harry Ron and Hermione big friends of them so I'm just trying to get back and do it again face the biggest threat of them all my evil twin Jimmy we can only get killed by The Sword of Gryffindor the strongest human being alive stronger than Lord Voldemort himself unless Voldemort have the sword he couldn't kill him he is basically pure evil Jimmy i killed him in a epic battle with the help of Help of the one the only my Girl Hermione Granger. Funny goofy wizard i was also the famous boyfriend of hermoine granger(: Hermione Granger. i was one of the warriors in the Trie wizard Tournament! i have been at the side of the golden trio since the Start, through the time of the stone, the chamber of secrets, to the epic battle of hogwarts, i have seen it all and i have done it all, Was good friends the Wesley Twins, even though i have a lot of friends at hogwarts i want to make more of them, even though i know a lot of magic i need to learn more cause i am not perfect but i want to get better and i want to make hogwarts, the trio, proud of me and of course trying to be as smart as my hermione to show her she is not the only know it all! well thats my story of my 12 year wizard story!
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