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Hello there. I love many things, music, care of magical creatures, charms and more. I like to make friends so please drop a message or comment

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I was born in an average sized townhouse in London. My mum and dad are average witches and wizards who work in the ministry; my mother is works with the editors of the daily profit and my father is a law enforcer. She has a two older brothers and a younger brother and sister.

Mother: Julia Robertson
Father: Gareth Robertson
Older brother One: Jason Robertson
Older brother Two: Daniel Robertson
Younger brother: James 'Jim' Robertson
Younger sister: Heather Louise Robertson

She enjoys being at Hogwarts, learning and see her friends and having the chance to explore the world around her. She works hard to achieve the highest grade she can. She is a pure blood witch but she doesn't care about Blood status or house traits; believing personality and honesty to one's true feelings and beliefs are the key to friendships and relationships.

Best Core Class: History of Magic, Astrology, Astronomy, Potions, and Charms. She is also good at Defence against the dark arts and Transfiguration.
Worst Core Class: Herbology. She is not failing the class but it is not one of her better subjects.
Favourite Class: Care of Magical Creatures.

Quidditch: Loves it and wants to be in the house's team
Extra-Curricular: Ancient Runes
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